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Welcome to the Accessible Technology Coalition!

The Accessible Technology Coalition (ATC) is a new model of information dissemination. The field of accessible technology for people with disabilities has changed enormously in the last 30 years. Yet, people still struggle to identify the appropriate technologies that will improve lives. ATC meets this need by providing a roadmap of resources:

  1. Timely information in the form of breaking news on new products to help you clarify your needs and find solutions.
  2. Access to AT Specialists on the Forum where you can post your questions and get answers.
  3. Links to free Training to support implementation of the technology you choose.

ATC supports use of technology to promote independent living for people with disabilities, providing information via online resources, and engaging in advocacy work to support policies that expand access to technology for people with disabilities.

The ATC is funded by the Center for Accessible Technology located in Berkeley California at the Ed Roberts Campus. While the ATC provides an online resource that reaches across the world, the Center for Accessible Technology offers access  to an office with staff who provide hands-on training;  AT Consultants who do assessments; business consulting services to corporations, libraries and government entities; assistance on creating accessible websites and have a test bank of users with disabilities to test products and services.

If you benefit from the work we do we hope you will consider Donating to help support the cost of running our program.

You are welcome to email us with questions and comments –  You are the ATC.  We hope you join our community and visit us often!