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This is the Accessible Technology Coalition. Browse the Categories. Join the Forum. Check out Training. Find answers for your AT challenges.


AT Resources for individuals with vision impairment or are blind.


Assistive Technology for those who are experiencing hearing loss or are deaf.


Assistive Technology resources for helping students who struggle with printed text and organizational skills.


Information on technology for alternative methods of both expressive and reception communication.

Computer Access

Providing access to computers for those who cannot use a standard keyboard or mouse.


Resources to assist you in analyzing the worksite or workstation to determine what assistive technology is needed.

Seating and Mobility

Tools for accommodating a wheelchair or other seating system.

Recreation and Leisure

Here are a variety of ideas on how to make sports, vacations, games and other leisure time activities accessible.

Environmental Controls

Resources for help with controlling the environment to independently complete Activities of Daily Living.

Aging in Place

Technology to enable an independent and active lifestyle for those who are aging at home or in a facility.

“Learner Variability is the norm, not the exception."

Dr. Luis Perez, Inclusive Learning Evangelist

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