How To Add Subtitles to ANY Video Using Universal Subtitles

Thursday, February 7, 2013
10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern

Universal Subtitles ( lets you and others (such as volunteers) work together to add and correct captions.

If the video is already on YouTube, you may be able use the machine-generated transcript as a starting point, to speed things up. In this archived webinar, we

  • Review the advantages and limitations of machine generated transcription as produced for YouTube videos
  • Learn to edit and improve captions for videos, including those produced by others
  • Learn options for streamlining the captioning process
  • Discuss strategies and considerations for planning and implementing captioning projects

The recording is here.

While watching, if you go up to Window, you can select Show Closed-Captioning which will open an additional window with a transcript.

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