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Assistive Technology Videos

Assistive Technology Videos

The web offers many opportunities for learning more about assistive technology via videos. You'll find people talking about the AT they use and why it makes a difference in their lives. You'll find How To videos on AT. We've also included Research-based AT presentations. If you find one you like, be sure to subscribe to their video feed!


The Tommy Edison Experience

Tommy Edison uses humor to answer the most popular questions about living without sight. 

Penny, a 2 ½ yr old with autism.  

Penny is an outgoing, energetic 2.5 year old who happens to have autism. She and her family are learning how assistive technology can help Penny communicate. January 2017.

Bob Brookens. Assistive Technology At Work. 

AT enables Bob Brookens to work tech support.

Christopher Hills is a 21 year old user of AT.

Christopher has posted a variety of videos about his accessible home and AT he uses.

Brian Meersma, a student with dyslexia blooms with AT. 

A University Student talks about his technology for learning.

AT Makes a Difference for Lukas Bratcher.  

Ingenious assistive technology and incredible determination allows this student to follow his passion for music.

Eye-Tracking Technology has transformed Ian's life.

Features a 7 year old using an eye-tracking system.

What does AT mean to you? 

Vingettes from users of Assistive Technology.

Access to Technology in the Workplace: In Our Own Words.

Employees with a variety of disabilities describe how they use technology in the workplace.

Leveling the Playing Field with Assistive Technology

See what apps and how PATINS has helped Chloe, a student with dyslexia, excel at school.

Intel Labs collaborated with Dr. Stephen Hawking on .NET-based assistive technology solution

Researchers from Intel Labs collaborated with Dr. Stephen Hawking on a new solution called ACAT (Assistive Context Aware Toolkit).


Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Technology (AAC)

Kelly Fonner, renown AT Specialist, presents in this FAST Educational Workshop.

Tech Tools & Tips for Transition

This session focuses on exploring AT solutions for home, workplace, post-secondary educational environment.

Building Reading Skills through Assistive Technology

This video discusses the role that assistive technology can play in helping students with LDs remediate their reading skills as well as compensate for areas of weakness.

Assistive Technology for the Blind or Visually-Impaired

Thanks to specially designed assistive technologies, the blind and visually impaired are breaking barriers and integrating into workplaces.

How to Teach Reading Comprehension to Students With Learning Difficulties

Determine the best way to teach students with learning disabilities from a preschool teacher in this video on reading lessons.

Building Reading Skills Through Assistive Technology

This video discusses the role that assistive technology can play in helping students with LDs remediate their reading skills as well as compensate for areas of weakness.

Succeeding on the Job: Using Technology to Boost the Skills Employers Want

Offered by PACER, this webinar presents tools and strategies to support essential work performance skills.

Reading and writing in Angelman syndrome

Kelly Fonner, MS presents.

Symbols and Learning to Read with Dr Caroline Musselwhite

This video and related learning guide provide an opportunity to enhance and support literacy for students with significant disabilities.

A.T.TIPSCAST Episode #153: The Corenerstone of Language

Features a discussion on which vocabulary to target when teaching language to a student who uses an augmentative/alternative communication device.

A.T.TIPSCAST Episode #154: Planning for Motor Memory

Features a discussion on the concept of using motor plans and motor memory to become automatic at using an AAC device.

Literacy with Patti King Debaun

Patti is an SLP specializing in literacy and augmentative and alternative communication.

 Vocabulary: Core vs Fringe

Deanna Wagner, SLP and AT Specialist presents on how to organize a communication system.

Accessibility Features

Mike Marotta, AT Specialist presents on accessibility features built into everyday technology.

We All Vary

Designing for Inclusion with UDL and Technology by Dr. Luis Perez. Learner variability is the norm, not the exception!

Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Modeling, Prompting & Responding

This website from Vanderbilt University offers great instructional videos and webpages.


Check out these "Show Me How" video tutorials for Co:Writer, Read:Outloud, Start-to-Finish and more.


Carol Zangari highlights a video of the week that offers tips and tricks for teaching AAC users.