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Archived Webinars

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The AT Coalition has relaunched it's webinar classroom and archived all live sessions. Hosted by the assistive technology staff of our parent organization, the Center for Accessible Technology ( our presenters work with students and adults with disabilities providing assessments and training.

In addition to viewing the archives below, be sure to check our listing of Free Live Webinars.

Assistive Technology in the Writing Process

Assistive Technology Supports for Reading Disabilities


What is Assistive Technology?

Presented on August 15, 2018 by Jennifer McDonald Peltier. IEP teams are mandated to consider Assistive Technology for every student who qualifies for Special Education. But what exactly IS Assistive Technology, and how exactly does a team consider tools and document that consideration in an IEP? Learn about what constitutes Assistive Technology, a best-practices framework for considering and implementing it, and helpful practical guidelines for documenting AT in the IEP.

AAC Language Modeling

Presented on July 25, 2018 by Jennifer McDonald Peltier. Students who use AAC face a two-pronged challenge: learning aided language while also learning content. This webinar teaches a new and more effective approach to teaching students how to use their AAC device: Speak to students using aided language to teach them aided language. This webinar is for anyone who works with students (school-aged and transition).

Do you See What I See? Cortical Visual Impairments Characteristics and Interventions

Presented on June 20, 2018 by Jennifer McDonald Peltier. We hear students described as having CVI, but what does that really mean? Learn the characteristics of CVI. Learn strategies and supports to accommodate these students' visual access needs, and potentially improve their ability to visually identify and connect with the people and activities in their environments. This webinar is for anyone who works with students (school-aged, transition, and higher education).

Chrome Tools for Reading and Writing

Presented on May 23, 2018 by Jennifer McDonald Peltier. Students who struggle with reading or writing tasks have long leveraged Assistive Technology supports to help them access these challenging tasks and perform to their ability. Many of these supports are available in the Chrome browser, for free!

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