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Khatib, Director of Al Noor Training Center

One of the biggest challenges faced by people with disabilities is integration and visibility. A lack of access and technology to help people be more independent means they are often unable to perform daily tasks in public.

Al Noor centre is inviting residents to visit a supermarket and restaurant set-up at the end of the month where students will disabilities will use speech and eye tracking technology to help them work and communicate with customers. Read More

Patrick Timony, Librarian

On a recent Tuesday night, I arrived at the Library Express for a meeting no one was likely to attend.

Called Tech Talk Tuesday, the meeting helps people with low vision or low hearing learn how to text, use Excel or learn tech skills. Unfortunately, just getting to the library requires more assistance than most members can regularly access. Organizer James Patrick Timony hopes to change that. READ MORE



The ATC welcomes Guest Bloggers. This post was suggested by Lucy Wyndham.

The number of people with Alzheimer’s disease is exploding, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. No cure currently exists for this common disease that affects many elders. However, scientists are racing against time to come up with effective treatments for Alzheimer's disease. Read More