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Assistive Technology for those with mental health challenges is not often spoken about. In writing my blog post about Agnes Richards, RN (see Pioneers, Disability and the National Register of Historic Places) I felt I needed to learn more about this topic. I've only just begun my research but wanted to share what I've found. ...continue reading "Assistive Technology for Mental Health Challenges"

In March we observe National Women's History Month by looking at three National Parks honoring women who worked or lived in the world of disability.

1. Agnes Richards

Photo of Agnes Richards, RN
Agnes Richards, RN

Agnes Richards was a nurse who worked in sanitariums in the early twentieth century. After seeing the deplorable conditions that people with mental health challenges were subjected to she decided she could do better. She opened her own facility in Glendale. She named it Rockhaven. ...continue reading "Pioneers, Disability, and the National Register of Historic Places"