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Assistive Technology for the Workplace

Assistive Technology for the Workplace

Assistive Technology is vital to obtaining employment and advancing in the workplace. There are a wide variety of hardware and software solutions available. Hardware such as a height adjustable desks, phones with built in captioning or a braille keyboard. Software such as voice recognition, screen readers and text-to-speech. Explore the links below to a variety of resources for AT in the Workplace.


Click here for the newest assistive technology products providing solutions for the workplace.

WordArt for Training


This is a good place to find links to anything training related - webinars, videos, tutorials, professional development and more.

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The Forum

Join our Community! A meeting place for discussion, to share ideas and solutions. Post your questions. Provide your expertise!

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Meet the Experts

Get to know the experts in the field of assistive technology. These are the people to follow and go to see when they are speaking!