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Assistive Technology for Mental Health Challenges

Assistive Technology for those with mental health challenges is not often spoken about. In writing my blog post about Agnes Richards, RN (see Pioneers, Disability and the National Register of Historic Places) I felt I needed to learn more about this topic. I've only just begun my research but wanted to share what I've found.

  AT for Anxiety, Agitation, Addiction

PTSD CoachThis app offers a self-assessment, resources for support, and tools to help with anger management and the daily stresses of life. Created by the Veterans Administration.

Noise Cancelling HeadphonesHeadphones can help to reduce stress, improve concentration and help with sleep.

T. Jacket by T. WareThis wearable vest provides deep hugs to comfort or calm stressed or anxious people. The pressure is controlled via a smartphone. For adults and children.

A ChessAn app to help connect people struggling with substance abuse via relaxation, rapid connection to friends, sponsor, family and counselors.

ReliefLinkDeveloped specifically for suicide prevention and for improving mental health that brings confidential and supportive help right to your smartphone.

Self Help Anxiety Management (SAM). This app offers a range of self-help methods to manage anxiety. Available for iOS or Android.

  Safety, Monitoring Risk Behaviors

Social Stories for Problem BehaviorsThis app for children provides tools and feedback to improve challenging behaviors.

iModeling Boundaries. An app designed for children, this teaches the boundaries of touch.

DBSA Wellness TrackerTrack and graph your moods over time, any medications taken, exercise completed and diet. Provides important information to better partner with a clinician.

T2 Mood Tracker Users can monitor their moods on six pre-loaded scales - anxiety, stress, depression, brain injury, post-traumatic stress and general well-being.

DBT Emotion Regulation ToolsInstructs clinicians how to teach core emotion regulation and adaptive coping skills.

Virtual Hope Box. An app designed for use by clients and their behavioral health provides as an accessory to treatment. Available in the iOS or Android.

  Memory - Reminders, Schedulers, Organization

EvernoteHelps you to capture and prioritize ideas, projects, and to do lists.

Recording Devices assist with focus and memory. These two offer high quality sound recordings.

  1. Sony Voice Recorder
  2. TASCAM Portable Digital Recorder

My MedSchedule MobileCreate, update or view medication schedules and set reminders.


CalmSound A free online resource offering a variety of nature sounds to provide a calming environment.

Take a Break! Guided meditations for stress relief.

Stop, Breathe & ThinkUse this app to check in on how you are feeling and practice mindful breathing.

Read About Assistive Technology for Seniors struggling with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.


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