Social Communication and AAC/SGDs

Thursday, June 12th, 2014
9 AM Pacific, 12 PM Eastern

The acquisition of social skills is critical in the successful academic inclusion and competitive employment of all individuals, and especially those with disabilities. To communicate one person must “say” something by using: any combination of speech, gestures, writing, pictures, and/or objects, AND at least one person must “understand” what is meant by the: speech, gestures, writing, pictures and/or objects. The way we say the words we say helps us convey our intended meanings. The tone of voice used, facial expressions, bodily gestures we adopt while we are talking all add information and layers of meaning to the words we “say”. Pragmatic models were first applied to the treatment of children with language impairment in the late 1970s. This session will discuss the study of language use, the impact of language treatment and practical applications for individuals using AAC/SGDs. AbleNet presents.

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