Enable & Engage with Adaptations & Supports for Children with Significant Needs

Wednesday, November 15, 2013
9 AM Pacific, Noon Eastern

AbleNet University presents Padmaja Sarathy, who is a dynamic educational consultant and author. Educators and parents are always challenged as to how best to meet the significant and extensive needs of children with severe and multiple disabilities. This series of five workshops is designed to provide techniques, tools and tips that are easy-to-implement to expect higher levels of performance from these children and reduce the barriers imposed by cognitive, communication and motor difficulties.

In this session, participants will:
  1.  Learn the techniques (based on Universal Design for Learning Principles)to transform the instructional content, delivery and the student response mode to engage and enable the learner in accessing the curriculum and make progress. 
  2. Get guidance on adapted tools and assistive technology devices to effectively address the diversity of learning needs represented by students with significant disabilities.

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