EASI presents ARIA Controls and Menus with JAWS

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013
11 AM Pacific, 2 PM Eastern

The Web is continually changing and browsers are changing to keep up with changes in the technology. Web pages are increasingly using interactive features and as the Web moves to HTML5 this will only mean more changes.

ARIA is a protocol which aims to  assure us that these changes will interface with adaptive technology and continue to be accessible to users with disabilities. Screen reader vendors like Freedom Scientific and JAWS are scrambling to upgrade the screen reader so it interfaces efficiently and seamlessly with the changes in the Web.ARIA has at least 2 sides. One is what Web and browser and screen reader designers need to know to support users with disabilities. The other side is that the more the user understands how these new features interact, the more the user continues to have full access to Web content.
Dan's presentation will talk about ARIA both from the viewpoint of designers and from the view of users. His talk focuses on JAWS but other top-of-the-line screen readers wil function similarly. It is a repeat of the recent Webinar Dan provided for Freedom Scientific users.

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