Apps to Support a Successful Transition

Wednesday Nov. 5th, 2014
12 PM Pacific, 3 PM Eastern

The purpose of this three session webinar series is to show how mobile devices and more specifically the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch can be used to support older students and young adults. Mobile technologies are impacting education and special education in a very significant way. They can also be used as a valuable tool for fostering independence among our older students and young adults. It is important that professionals consider these devices when evaluating independent options for our students. Today’s technologies are also more portable, functional, and socially acceptable which further fosters more independence. As our students get older and start to transition out of K-12 and into the real world, their needs change. Some students will take an academic track while others will take a vocational track. All students will need supports to make them more independent and successful in their post high school years. Mobile devices can play a significant role in helping the older students meet their personal, educational and vocational goals

In this webinar series, we will cover how to select the most appropriate device, device management, device management approaches, customization, and accessibility features. Next we will help participants understand how to foster independence through the use of various apps. With the right apps students can be more independent and productive in work, leisure, social and personal situations. We will cover strategies on how to find and select appropriate apps that support adolescents and young adults. We will explore apps for those who are going on to post secondary education as well as those who are pursuing vocational opportunities. We will also cover apps that can support their independence in the community. The series will end with a showcase of the best and newest apps that promote independence for adolescents and young adults. We will cover apps for daily living, vocational, personal, social, communication, behavior management, leisure, mobility, and more.

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