AAC in the Classroom for Students with Significant Disabilities: Implementation and Data Collection on Low Tech AAC and Apps

March 13, 2014
Noon Pacific, 3PM Eastern

AbleNet presents Kelly Fonner. During the second session in this AAC implementation series, Kelly will teach two processes of data collection to go along with the types of classroom based communication activities that are often chosen for students with significant disabilities, especially those that were introduced during the first session. If you were not able to join us live for Session 1, you are encouraged to go back to AbleNet University and preview the first session prior to this session. Look under the Communication tab. Simple charting is critical if data is to be collected live during a busy activity. Video is often used to catch subtlety of movement, eye gaze and other non-traditional communication attempts for more complex charting. Data collection techniques will look at measurement of student progress as well as staff implementation of strategies. Participants will be encouraged to start collecting data on an activity so that Session 3 analysis techniques will be immediately applicable.

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