AAC in the Classroom for Students with Significant Disabilities: Analyzing Data from Low Tech AAC and Apps

Thursday, April 3, 2014
11 AM Pacific, 2 PM Eastern
The analysis session will follow the uses of the implementation techniques introduced in session 1 and the data collection techniques introduced in session 2. It is often difficult to represent the progress of students with significant disabilities who also have complex communication needs. Kelly is in the sixth year of a project where teams in 17 school districts have done just that, and have demonstrated impressive gains when then have focused on communication in specific classroom activities rather than as a Speech/Language activity alone. When communication and analysis of communication goals is made accessible to all staff members, including para-educators, the students are the winners. There's no reason that data has to be managed by just one person on the team, when it's results impact everyone's interaction with the student. If everyone is involved with the data and data charting and analysis, then it is more likely that they are invested in the outcome.
The first two sessions can be seen at AbleNet, under the Communication Tab.

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