Staff & Contributors to the ATC


Lisa Wahl

Lisa has returned after a hiatus of 12 years from the Center for Accessible Technology, to assist with ATC content, webinars, and Ask An Expert. She was Executive Director of the Center for Accessible Technology for 10 years. During that time she gave hundreds of presentations, wrote articles, did research, and led projects that related mainly to assistive technology in K-12.

Staff who built the site but are no longer involved include:

Jennifer McDonald-Peltier, MS, ATP

Jen has been working with the disability community for 20 years. She has been an Assistive Technology Specialist with the Center for Accessible Technology in Berkeley, CA, for the past 12 years. She has a Masters in Special Education and is RESNA certified. She presents at industry conferences. Jen is very creative in how she uses assistive technology - she thinks outside the box. She has expertise in working with students with learning disabilities and those with multiple and complex disabilities. She does webinars and helps with Ask An Expert.

Jon Mires

Jon was instrumental in building this site. He is a web developer focusing on usability and accessibility. He has helped a wide range of organizations understand and implement web accessibility principles, including Intel, Clif Bar, Gap Inc., and TechSoup. Jon’s focus is on practical web accessibility – how to comply with standards and guidelines while maintaining focus on real users and the capabilities of the technology they’re using. Jon holds a Bachelors degree from Stanford University and a Masters degree from George Mason University.

Anthony Tusler

Since discovering the disability community 38 years ago, Anthony Tusler explains and enjoys the world through and from a disability perspective. In his professional and personal activities his goal is to improve the lives of people with disabilities and encourage disability self-determination and culture.

Tusler is a writer, consultant, trainer, and advocate on disability issues. He was the founding Director of the Disability Resource Center at Sonoma State University for 22 years. He helped to launch a number of nonprofits including the Institute on Alcohol, Drugs, and Disability; Community Resources for Independence; Disability Associates; and the National Center on Disability and Journalism.

Anthony has written curricula and taught Disability in America, technology access classes, and consumer-oriented technology training. He was the Coordinator of the Technology Policy Division at the World Institute on Disability for three years. Anthony does "Telling Our Stories" for the ATC.

Bridgett Perry

Bridgett also worked for Center for Accessible Technology in it's earlier days. She's now helping with content and webinars, when not working on her YouTube channel, her website and coaching blog, or running an international AT project,  Community Inclusion Through Technology, International.

Eric Smith

Eric was Associate Director of the Center for Accessible Technology and a contributing editor.

Dmitri Belser

Dmitri is Executive Director of the Center for Accessible Technology and a contributing editor.

Prior Staff

Jane Berliss-Vincent

Jane Vincent holds a Master of Arts in Library Science degree from the University of Michigan. For the last thirteen years she has worked as an Assistive Technology Specialist for the Center for Accessible Technology, providing consultation to libraries on accessible technology acquisition and use throughout California, as well as evaluating website accessibility for businesses and organizations and performing assistive technology evaluations for individuals. Jane has presented at the Public Library Association conference as well as at multiple conferences on assistive technology, aging, and usability. Her writings have been published in Library Hi-Tech News, JASIS, Communication Disorders Quarterly, and MacWorld.

Karen Sheehan

Karen has been working with individuals with disabilities and assistive technology since 1993. She has presented at major industry conferences. She has spent over 20 years in the educational arena, worked for IntelliTools, Attainment Company, and the Alliance for Technology Access, before joining the Center for Accessible Technology as Director of Marketing in June 2010. S

Martin Sweeney

As a parent, activist and current AT professional, Martin Sweeney has over 25 years of experience in the field of assistive technology. As a training specialist, Martin is part of the Center for Accessible Technology team promoting Broadband awareness, access and adoption throughout California—a project funded in part by the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) and the federal National Transportation and Information Administration (NTIA). Martin has previously served as manager and director of the California AT Network and was the founding director of the Assistive Technology Project for the Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center in Los Angeles. He has also served as a board member for a number of community-based organizations including: Community Technology Centers’ Network (CTCNet); Tarjan Center at UCLA; Computer Access Center; California Technology Organizing Consortium (CTOC); and DADA, a regional support network for fathers of children with special needs.

Jim Tobias

Jim Tobias is the Principal of Inclusive Technologies, and has worked in the area of technology and people with disabilities since 1975.  His career began at Berkeley's Center for Independent Living, and has included work at Bell Labs, Bellcore, and with numerous technology industry clients.  Jim has worked in special education, rehabilitation, and senior care, and has partnered with advocacy organizations spanning all disabilities.  Most recently he co-Chaired the Access Board's Telecommunications and Electronic and Information Technology Advisory Committee (TEITAC), and participated in the Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology's (COAT) successful drive for passage of the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act.

Meriah Nichols, Consultant

 Meriah has a blog on parenting, travel, and disability.