February 1st, 2013


Unusual Apps for Communication on YouTube

Jen shows us what she likes and does not like about some of the more creative AAC apps such as EZSpeech, TalkRocket, TalkforMe, Expressionist, Locabulary, Fat Cat Pirate Chat, and Functional Communication System Lite.  Handout here.

February 1st, 2013


Are you confused about the regional center's role in providing assistive technology to their clients? If so, you are not alone! .

  1. What kind of assistive technology will the regional center fund and in what areas of need?
  2. What is the process for getting assistive technology through the regional center?
  3. Why are the IFSP and IPP so important in regards to assistive technology and this process?
  4. Are regional centers funding iPads?
  5. What is the latest on that?
  6. What if I disagree with the regional center's decision regarding assistive technology?

Debbie Drennan, AT Specialist - Parents Helping Parents' iTECH Center presented this AT Network webinar. See the archive here.

January 31st, 2013


CaptionMatch is a new matching service to help increase the amount of captioned material in the world. It’s not a captioning company.
It has two main aims:
  1. To increase the demand for captioning services by making it easier for anyone to ask for captioning anytime.
  2. To help captioning providers spread their services and knowledge to more people, whether they have extra time available to earn more or whether they need help on a captioning project.
Registration is free on the website (http://CaptionMatch.com). Here’s how it works:
  • Consumers fill out and submit a captioning request form. For example, they ask for CART (real time captioning, called STTR internationally), or for captioning of an online video.
  • When a registered captioning provider sees a request, they send a bid for the job, or questions, via CaptionMatch to the consumer, who remains anonymous until a “match” is made.
  • Consumers may receive proposals from more than one provider.
  • When the “match” is complete, the provider pays a small fee to the service.
  • The consumer pays nothing to use the service.
  • Consumers and providers make their own arrangements as to captioning services and pricing.
  • Providers can also use CaptionMatch to locate a subcontractor to assist them on a project.
With an estimated global population of six hundred million people with hearing loss or deafness, the need for captioning services is growing. CaptionMatch aims to increase accessibility to needed services while offering captioning providers an opportunity to increase their customer base and revenues. 
January 10th, 2013

Katie Gilmour did this webinar for the AT Network in June of 2012. She covers the common aspects and the differences of the various accessible GPS systems on the market. "The question is no longer if a blind person should have access to the surrounding location information but rather what are one's individual wayfinding and location literacy requirements, and which system best addresses those needs" Find it at Elluminate Blackboard Collaborate.

January 9th, 2013

According to Adobe, Acrobat Xl is a huge step forward in creating accessible documents. The new resources include:

PDF Accessibility Overview: Covers the accessibility features of PDF as a document format, as well as Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader.

Using the Acrobat XI Pro Accessibility Checker: A complete walkthrough of Acrobat XI’s Accessibility Checker, as well as the Make Accessible action wizard.
Acrobat XI Pro PDF Accessibility Repair Workflow: Walk step-by-step through the PDF accessibility process in Acrobat XI.
Acrobat XI Pro Accessible Forms and Interactive Documents: Create interactive forms that can be used by anyone, ensuring privacy and independence for all.

They state they have created a Acrobat XI accessibility best practices document which contains all four of the above guides in a single file. Documentation for Acrobat versions 8 and up can be found on the training resources page as well.

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