Free Protocol for Accommodations in Reading

Did you know that IEP teams are only 50% likely to choose the most appropriate reading accommodation for a student unless they have an empirical screening process in place?

Protocol for Accommodations in Reading (PAR) is a diagnostic tool used to help determine which reading accommodations might be appropriate for a student who struggles with reading.

PAR helps you make more informed reading accommodation decisions by using graded passages that allow you to compare reading comprehension performance across 3 reading conditions (student read aloud, adult read aloud and text reader). Examiners should use standardized reading test scores as a starting place for administering PAR. Anyone on the IEP team can administer PAR to systematize how reading accommodations are recommended on a student level or across the school district. 
Don Johnston Inc. has both an on-demand webinar on PAR, asl well as live webinars planned for March and April, 2014.

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