Eye Writer: Low cost gaze control system enables drawing

NPR has posted a story on Graffiti Research Lab which developed the EyeWriter with one man in mind: Los Angeles-based graffiti artist Tony Quan. "In 2003, Quan was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, leaving virtually every muscle in his body paralyzed except for his eyes. Lieberman and developers from Free Art and Technology, OpenFrameworks and the Ebeling Group were inspired to create low-cost, open-source hardware and software for eye-tracking to help Quan draw again. Eye-tracking technology, in which computers and small cameras harness eye movements for writing, highlighting Web site text and other tasks, has led to digital tools for users with disabilities. However, as Lieberman tells NPR’s Liane Hansen, those devices usually have hefty price tags." They are selling the kit for about $50. The code is free.

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