Don Johnston Spring 2014 Webinars

Don Johnston Inc. has a line up of free product-related webinars in March and April, 2014.

Zach Bender will then demonstrate Co:Writer word prediction and explain how it includes supports that comply with your state’s guidelines.

Dr. Denise DeCoste will guide you through her FREE “Protocol for Accommodations in Reading” (PAR). It helps IEP team members compare independent reading levels to human read aloud and text reader accommodation conditions. This process helps make informed decisions about read aloud supports—traditionally one of the two most common accommodations.
Janet Sturm, Ph. D, CCC-SLP will share stories about students who were never expected to write, like Antonio and Sean. Now, as teenagers, they are expressing themselves through writing, despite their various disabilities.
Hear technology coordinator Mary Ann McGinn share how her district addressed this challenge through Start-to-Finish CORE Curriculum, a comprehensive literature-based reading curriculum.
Darren Avey, Assistive Technology Specialist, will outline the programs he implemented in 32 Texas schools to prepare for testing accommodation changes.  He will share stories about what worked well and what didn’t.

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