Better Search Engine for Apps is a new search engine for apps that moniters blogs, tweets, review sites, and articles in order to find out what each app can do. You can search by type of device and free vs. paid. You can search for Chrome extensions and apps, add ons for Firefox, Safari, and IE. It will find web apps and Salesforce apps as well. You search by a function, such as Text to Speech, Enlargement, or Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

Here's how it worked for me:
I tried enlargement and web apps, and learned about a Chrome extension called Hover Zoo and a good number of choices for enlarging photos.
I did a search for iPad apps that do Augmentative and Alternative Communication, and got over 20 titles with ratings and descriptions, including some well known titles: Proloquo2go, Verbally, TouchChat, Locabulary, Scene & Heard. About half were free apps. I compared this to the same search on iTunes App Store, where only eleven apps were returned, including one in Japanese. None of the well known titles above were included.
A search for Chrome extensions and Text To Speech brought at least 6 valid choices. Using the Chrome Toolbox, I also found 6+ valid choices, but with only a single overlap with Quixey. Both search utilities produced some erroneous choices.
Quixey outshines the iTunes app store, which is not a surprise, but is still not the only search utility you need for apps and extensions. It's worth using now and may get even better.

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