Assistive Technology for Reading Accommodations:From Low Tech to High–Tech

Kirk Behnke and Mike Marotta of MAK Technology Solutions joined Learning Ally on 9/24/14 in a webinar focused on helping teachers understand the array of assistive technology solutions available to them to assist their students with a need for reading accommodations. These solutions range from the simple highlighter to browser extensions to simplify the reading of Web articles.

“Design for your students – think of them first when choosing what supports to use in the classroom,” Kirk and Mike reminded us in their comprehensive webinar. Highlights of their discussion included:

    Assistive technology at a glance
    How to accomplish reading tasks with AT
    SETT framework: Students, Environments, Tasks, Tools
    Understanding your AT options with both low and high-tech applications
    Best practices for ensuring success with AT in your classroom

The archived webinar is at Learning Ally.

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