Archived News from 2015 and prior

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Here is some old news:,

  • ISTE"s Past Inclusive Learning Network (ILN) Webinars include
    • iPad and the Struggling Writer
    • Locomotive Apps:Todo Math and Math Supports for the Inclusive Classroom
    • WordQ, SpeakQ and Other Writing Supports for Access
    • nABLEing All Learners with the iPad

    The most recent addition is from presenter Adam Goldberg: The Transformative Power of iPad in the Inclusive Music Making Setting

    Adam Goldberg shared the story of his evolution and quest to fully include all his students in educationally valuable, genuine hands - on music making experiences. He gave specific examples of how his adoption of current technologies, including iPad, provides the necessary tools to enable even some of the most severely challenged individuals to participate as viable music makers individually and as part of an ensemble. These examples include demonstrating the powerful modifications that can be made within specific music making apps and built-in iOS accessibility features. Mr. Goldberg discussed his soon to be published iTunes U course which combines Abstract Expressionist Art and Free Jazz to enable his P.S. 177 Technology Band to improvise freely using iPad.

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