Accessible GPS Devices and Apps

Sendero Group works in collaboration with others to create accessible GPS products. On July 2nd, 2013, they announced The Seeing Eye GPS™ app for cell-enabled iOS devices.  It is designed to be a convenient mobile option to compliment other Sendero GPS products. Version 1.1 is currently in process. As with other Sendero products over the past 13 years, user feedback will drive development of future versions. They will be posting a list of what we think are high priority features and would like users to vote on these plus add other suggestions. They will also work immediately on a UK and European version of the app.

The app is available in iTunes, it is free to download, but when you launch for the first time you will be prompted to select a subscription plan for either $69 for 1 year or $129 for 3 years.

Other accessible GPS products from Sendero and others include:

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