Making Science Labs More Accessible

February 18, 2013
9 AM Pacific, Noon Eastern

EASI presents Emerging Trends in the Full Integration of the Blind and Visually Impaired in Science Education

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Mobile Devices and Communication Apps: Current Trends and Future Directions

Description: A panel discussion between Penn State University, Boston Children’s Hospital, and the developer of Proloquo2Go.  They discuss the use of mobile communication technologies by children with communication needs.  Includes benefits of communication apps and iPads, the assessment process, learning new apps, intervention, vocabulary and language skills, w

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New Database of Free/Inexpensive Assistive Software

The Adaptech Research Network has posted an online database of assistive technologies that are available at little or no cost. The database can be searched by product name or function (writing, magnification, etc.). A brief description of each product is given.

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Resource Site for Accessible Science

The Institute for Accessible Science has a website that helps you find resources for science education and career development, including assistive technology and accessible laboratory setups. It is focused on biomedical science, and is funded by the National Institute of Health.

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Accessible Science Resource

The Institute for Accessible Science's website carries information about how to make the science curriculum more accessible. They've got all kinds of resources for education at all levels, including how to make microscopes usable by students with different disabilities.

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