Low Vision

YouTube Access Features

YouTube features for those who are:

·      Low vision or have a learning disability

·      Blind

·      Hearing impaired

·      A content provider on YouTube


1. Low vision or learning disabilities

  •  Enlargement 
  • Full screen option in YouTube: icon on far right below video screen

    • Eliminates title, suggestions, etc.

    • Enlarges captioning as well but controls stay small.

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Android Phones Access for Low/No Vision

According to the Eyes-Free Android blog, "All Android phones that have Android version 1.6 or later have built-in support for speech output and accessibility, completely free. While not all applications are accessible, Android is quite customizable.

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New App simulates degenerative eye diseases

A new App for IOS and Android has been developed to allow people to experience the world through the eyes of a person experiencing one of nine degenerative eye diseases, including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts.


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Voice Dream Reader for iPad/iPhone

Voice Dream Reader is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you listen to any articles, blog posts, reports, papers, and books. It reads the text using the best available text-to-speech technology. The voice is clear and natural. The app does a lot for $2.99.

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