What Smartphone Should I Buy if I'm Hearing Impaired?

Buying a smart phone involves a lot of decisions and their are tools to help you in your selection.

Individuals who are hearing impaired and use a hearing aid will want a cellphone that is most compatible with hearing aides. (Compatibility means least likelihood of microphone interference and greatest likelihood of telecoil coupling compatibility with the cell phone.)

They might also want to stick with a phone runnning the Android operating system or an iPhone since they have the most apps designed for people with hearing impairments. Two articles on our site cover some of the top apps for iPhone and Droid.
There is a great website tool to help you determine which phones fit these and other criteria. PhoneScoop.com let's you select a huge range of criteria including phone company, size, battery life, etc.  In order to use it to select hearing aid compatible options, select "Show All Options." Select Android and/or iOS as the platform(s) you want. Then you might want to select those with an Average User Rating of 3.5 or better. Leave most of the options blank, but skip down to Hearing Aid Compatible and choose the last option, "M3, T4" for most compatible. With these options and Verizon as the carrier, you will get about 16 phones, including the iPhone 4 & 5, and multiple versions of the Motorola Droid.
You can edit your search, or use their weighted criteria search method. Then you can compare up to 5 phones. Phone Scoop is a free service provided by Phone Factor, LLC. Thanks, guys!

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