Online Circles of Practice and AT Discussion

Where can one find a community of people who share our particular interests in accessible and assistive technology?  There are many places to ask questions, share answers and news, and keep up with trends.

Quality Indicators in Assistive Technology

Assistive technology specialists working in K-12 have one of the most active communities. It's a listserv, so you can sign up for all messages, a digest, or you can go online to see postings. It's call QIAT, which stands for Quality Indicators in Assistive Technology. The Indicators are form matrices which can be used to improve practice related to AT consideration and implementation. With 100-300 messages per week it can be overwhelming but it's a great place to get questions answered by true experts. A search function allows you to find relevant postings if you are able to determine a good keyword.

Linkedin Groups  

You must be a member of Linkedin to see and post in these. Some will require approval after you ask to join. You can use keywords to search for additional groups on Linkedin.

Assistive Technology ProfessionalsThis Linkedin group has over 3000 members shares a wide range of announcements, including new resources, products, court decisions, and opinons. 

K-12 Assistive Technology Professionals: Over 1000 members. Similar to the one above but with a focus on K-12 and a few more discussions.

Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference CSUN: 590+ members. 

Technology in Special Education: 490+ members. Some developer give-aways & promotions.

Accessible Technology Policy Group: 500+ members, some working on the cutting edge of policy.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Professionals: 500+ members

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for Speech Therapy:  4000 members, including professionals and parents

Facebook Groups

iTeach Special Education (iDevices in Special Ed.): Over 2,700 members with some good Q&A.

Autism & the iPad: 230+ members including parents and professionals. News of free offers on apps.

Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology: 980+ members from 300+ groups. Wide ranging AT subjects


ISTE is hosting a shared article discussion with SIGAdmin and SETSIG on Universal Design for Learning (UDL). The group will discuss an article by Dave Edyburn, "Would You Recognize Universal Design If You Saw It?". Other topics may follow.

MATNOnline Wiki is a collaborative site for educators in Maryland with resources to support the education of all students in a Universally Designed for Learning Classroom and to support students with disabilities with the use of Assistive Technology. 

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