Evernote and Students with Learning Difficulties


Evernote has some great features for all students, but especially those with learning disabilities. It gives you a lot of flexibility in how you take notes, gather research, organize information, and retrieve information, It can help generate reminders and retrieve assignments.

At the most basic level, Evernote lets you:

  • Create “Notebooks” to organize your stuff
  • View note snippets or thumbnails. View notes as a list by date, title, notebook, etc.
  • Sort a note into any notebook
  • Input notes from a variety of devices, that will all go to one place.

Each note can contain text that you’ve entered or pasted in. It can also contain:

  • Audio notes that you record; could be yourself or the lecture
  • A webcam note: a photo you have taken, perhaps of someone else’s notes or the blackboard
  • Use your ipad, iPhone, or Android speech-to-text instead of typing.

There are some add-ons that make note-taking easier:

  • Toolbar took allows you to add a note from Outlook
  • Menu tool allows you to add a note from Microsoft Word
  • Ink note: use cursor or finger to write. (Penulitimate, app for stylus note taking)
  • Web Clipper or Clipped

Text in notes can be formatted just like in Word. You can apply a checklist format or insert a table. Searching notes is a very powerful feature of Evernote. It will find a keyword, even if handwritten (usually) and highlights the found words in yellow. There is a feature called “Tags” that will enable a student to find by keywords in English, Science, Assignment, Mid Term but most students wouldn’t take the time to apply tags. The search feature is powerful so it may help students who don’t use tags.

Evernote is truly multi-platform:

   Mobile: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, WebOS

   Desktop: Mac OSX, Windows Desktop, Windows 8, Safari, Chrome, Firefox

Content is available anywhere you have a device. New content is synched whenever you have an internet connection. Searching for “paper due” or “assignments” could allow students to gather all “To Do” items in one place.

For students with learning disabilities, the benefits are the ability to

  • Organize in ways that meet your own needs- not restricted to a single way.
  • Stash sort and find all sorts of collected text and media
  • Capture information in new engaging ways
  • Make your stuff available from multiple devices
  • Search and find hand written notes!
  • Can be integrated with the LiveScribe Smartpen.


Resource Links:


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