Captions on DVDs

Viewers of DVDs and Blu-ray disks usually have the option of viewing captions.

DVDs that have closed captions or subtitles may indicate that on the cover.  To turn captions on, go to the 'menu' on the DVD and look for the 'languages' category.  Either 'closed captions' (CC) or 'subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing' (SDH) will show up.  Select the option and proceed to play the DVD.

SDH or CC are preferable to the 'English subtitles' found on some DVDs because the captions have extra information available that is not found on the English subtitles, such as 'wind rustling', 'horns blaring', 'clock alarm going off' when appropriate in the video and when it is an integral part of the content of the video.

Unfortunately there is no comprehensive list or guide to captioned DVDs. However, you may be able to find out via either the studio or an online merchant such as Amazon selling the DVD.


Note: a library best practice would be to index all videos in the collection according to whether they have captions or not, to aid caption users in finding videos they can use.

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