Additional Keyboard Options for Your iPad


While the iPad has a nice large keyboard, it does not allow touch typing. While you can use Bluetooth keyboards and Apple's iPad Keyboard Dock, there are new alternatives. 

1. The TacType (formerly iKeyboard) is a $35 overlay that fits on top of your iPad (Version 1 or 2) and gives the feeling of a keyboard as you type. It was demonstrated at MacWorld 2012. A second screen-top device is in limited production from TouchFire.

2. The Camera Connection Kit:  Users are reporting that the the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit allows you to connect some USB keyboards as well. Don Frakes addresses the issue of why only certain keyboards work in his PCWorld article. Basically, you can’t use keyboards that provide USB charging and synching for iPods, etc, because they pull too much power. He reports on which keyboards worked for him, as well as using the Camera Connection Kit with the iPad Dock.

Jon Wagstrom of Big Keys demonstrates this with a large key keyboard, in his YouTube video. The secret is to say OK when you get a message that says the attached USB device is not supported. Then start typing.

The Camera Connection Kit also allows you to connect USB headphones, headsets, and speakers for audio output and input.

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